Welcome Signage
Photo by Jessica Lewis on Pexels.com

Welcome to my website! I am delighted you found your way here whether by browsing or purposefully.

To those of you who have never met me — I am almost always full of ideas, I have a good bit of energy, I like people, and I often will dive right into a first-time project. I can be passionate about a good many things — including loving and serving Jesus, teaching children to read as early as their little brains will allow,  the need to preserve history, and creating something new.

Mentioning history is a good segue for my 10 seconds about this piece of cyberspace. This space started out 10 years ago as a space for me to blog about Christianity and the grace of God upon our lives. (The blog was titled “Presentufaultless”.)  10 years later, as I have grown, this space has now become my webpage for ministry, but with a twist. You can see my books here and I may even give you a burst moment of talk about how I have grown to love being an artist.

To my new cyberspace connections — again welcome.

To those who know me — tell the others: they’ll laugh, smirk, or maybe even howl once  they connect with this renaissance woman, Debra E. Johnson.