Trust meter

So I  decided to answer my question from yesterday.
What do I do when the trust meter seems to be low?

I mentally and verbally rehearse scripture or past events that God has gotten me.  I say to myself , ” If He bought you through that difficult situation Debra,  surely He can bring you this”.

What do you say?

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  1. This reply is an underdeveloped thought. However,:

    Trust is something that requires a true humility of spirit. The trusting one must actually surrender to the one being trusted as a servant surrenders to a master. Our ability to trust (surrender) to God was itself abdicated to Satan in the Garden which makes the old man in us easy prey for fear and doubt.
    The redeeming blood of Jesus brings the ability to trust God back into the life experience of man. It is only through faith in the redeeming blood and continual true humility that this trust can take root and grow.

  2. What do I do when my trusting God is low?
    _I like to think that I usually say; Lord my flesh is acting out to day, but I know that my spirit man is as it ought to be. “Trusting You with all my heart, and not leaning to my own understanding”. So thank You for loving me and keeping me.

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