Life’s Lessons: Pick an Outcome!

The other day a family member and I were talking about life lessons.  I was encouraging her that she should always learn from her experiences, her choices.  I said, ” Try not to make the same mistake twice.  It is okay to make a mistake, just make sure you learn from it.”

She also added to the conversation the thought that you will either win by making good choices or learn after you have acted on a bad choice. In short, you either win or you learn. I said, “No you either lose or you learn.”

But upon reflection, and needing to work on my optimism, I think she is right. You do either win because you have acted out a good choice or you learn from the experience after making a bad choice.

Do you agree? Or, is it better to say that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but you always learn?

Proverbs 1:5 (King James Version) A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels.

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  1. I seriously think that there is only winning and learning. If you set your mind up to constantly think win/lose, you will always be finding reasons to believe that you somehow have lost… (unless you win by a landslide). Setting your mind up to believe that you have won or learned something… it doesn’t mean you are absolutely optimistic, you just understand that not everything can be won. Learning from your mistakes (and even your winnings) is a healthier way to understand what you did wrong instead of harping on the fact that you possibly “lost”. There are no losers in this circle!

    1. Yes! I love the thought on there being “no losers in this circle.”
      Can’t you just see ” this circle” being we saints, Jesus, God, and the angels in heaven just having a marr-r-rvelous time!

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