Have You Tried God?

We try many things in this life to make us happy.  Experimenting with drugs, sex, or hobbies that give us a rush, are just a few examples that can be named.  Some take a more moderate approach of looking for the perfect mate, getting the best education, or having that “perfect appearance.” Yet I have found nothing I have tried (whether it was moderate or just downright stupid) takes the place of God.

So I encourage you to really consider God. Let Him in your life. He really does, especially the more we know Him, satisfy all that longing within!

Romans 10:11 says “For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.”

Why don’t you try God today & experience that He will work for you too !  🙂

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  1. I really like the Try God Series… if I may call it a series. It is very well written and correctly points out that God is there when all other things… and all other people let you down. God can still be there for you like no other.

    1. Yes I agree. God never leaves us.

      Even when I sometimes doubt the wisdom of a choice and I start saying, “God you saw when I was making that choice. Why did not you warn me. Now I am stuck out here alone to live with the consequence of my decision.”

      Sometimes I get reminded through the Holy Spirit , sometimes I get reminded through my biblical training: either way I hear, “You are never alone. God may be being quiet, but He is always there.” 🙂

  2. Try God. It is funny how so many people want to try to anything and everything to get that next “high” or “fix” but they never want to try something that will make them get a more permanent feeling. It is frustrating to me when people run away from the idea of seeing what God has to offer but run to the idea of drugs, sex and alcohol. But God is fulfilling and everlasting. So I like that fact that you suggest Trying God because He does something to you that makes you feel special and loved.

    Sorry that I rambled a little.


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