Have You Tried God? — Part 2

So maybe you think that  “trying God”  or including Him in your life is lame.  Consider that trying God or allowing Him in your life  will give you a sense of peace that nothing else does. I’m not saying that all of your problems get solved right away!  Just keep talking to Him, the peace will come!

* He’ll listen to your problems! You can tell Him anything or everything. (You know even all that stuff  that you’d never tell your mother :- )

* You can tell Him exactly how you feel. (Go ahead be as blunt as you know how: He can take it!)

To easily ask Him into your life, do this:https://i0.wp.com/cfmlife.org/media/images/prayer.jpg

1. Tell Him how sorry you are for the wrong things you did
2. Ask Him for forgiveness
3. Ask Him to come into your life as your Personal Savior

A few minutes of real “talking it out” with the Master will keep you in this life all the way into eternity.  Let me know how GREAT you feel after you’ve talked with Him!

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