Provisions For Me, For Real?

I’ve been thinking about the topic of God’s provision.

Do we really believe that God will provide for us? What if we were never able to work again? Do we still believe and trust that God will provide?

My pastor said to remember that God provides for His children because it is within His character to do so.  She also said that when we are doing the will of God, He can’t do anything else but take care of us. He takes care of the birds of the air as given in Matthew 6th chapter. Are we not much more precious than they?

Share your thoughts. What experiences and/or scriptures do you have that assures you that God will provide for you?

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  1. We somewhat talked about this today in Sunday School. We were having problems deciding between careers and callings from God. We had to decide that God will provide everything we need for us. We just have to trust Him. That seems to me like I am letting go of it all and am giving Him full control. I know I have problems with submission and this seems like something I would never do…perhaps that is why I don’t do it.

    1. While I can surely attest to the difficulty in surrendering full control of your life to God, I say do it! He completely loves us and means us no harm. In Psalm 139 it states that his “good” /precious thoughts toward us are more than the grains of sand.
      I can not fathom someone (even if it is God) thinking so many good thoughts about me. Yet if the Word says that what He does, then I just ask the Father to help me believe it.
      Instead of worrying about the consequences of submitting, try this:
      Focus on learning through the scriptures how much He loves you.
      The more I learn how much He loves me, the easier it has become to submit regarding every area of my life — including a career !

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