God Knows You Are Here!

Hello all:

God knows you are here.
If you are believer, God know you are here. No matter what choices you have made, God will not dismiss you. He will ask for your repentance and there may be consequences to endure because of your actions. YET, there will never be a punishment that equals His forgetting you. (Family, friends, or others may forget you. But God never forgets anything or anyone.) He knows that you are on this planet at this point in history. Rest in His love and care.
Furthermore if you are are committed to being righteous, He has promised us certain benefits including providing for us and our “seed never begging for bread”.  He will make provision for you. His provision for the day may not be what you expected or wanted but it will always be enough for that day! 🙂

God knows that you are here.
If you are a non-believer God know you are here as well. NOTHING you have done makes Him ignore your existence. He yearns for you to repent or turn away from wrong-doing. He longs for you to yield yourself to Him. He loves you and is calling your name.

Start trusting, start knowing that:

God knows you are here

God knows you are here

You are not alone

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