Are You Trusting Him Beyond All Else?

2009 is swiftly turning into history.  In reflection we think of the good, the bad, the sad, and the ugly events of the year.  I, like millions of you, still think of the sad day in June 2009 when I realized that the extraordinarily talented Michael Jackson died.

Considering all the twists and turns that a day or a year can bring, it sometimes feels like God is not watching over us. We ask, “God why did You let this happen? Why is my loved one not here? Why am I still unemployed? Why, why, why?”

2009 has just hours before its end; yet, we still have many issues that seem unresolved. Be encouraged that all the events of our lives, of our history, are not beyond God’s sight.

I make no claim to understand why God allows all that He does. Yet, I have come to learn that no matter the hour, the day, or year we believers can trust Him to loving guide us through circumstances. Moments may come when you feel abandoned along the way. Fret not. God is there looking out for and supplying the good in the situation. I resoundingly speak for you and myself, “Let us not waver in our trust in Him!” Waiting on Him, trusting in Him will bring us no shame.

Cling to your trust in Him for the days of 2010 and for everyday thereafter until the rapture*  or the grave!

* Rapture– Jesus will return and gather all believers to ascend and live with Him in heaven. (See I Thessalonians 4:15-17. )

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