Happy New Year! ~ Part 2

Hello all:

As a new year unfurls we often resolve to have this year be different than the last.
Are you wondering how you can make your 2010 Resolutions last?

I had mixed results from the 2009 year. I can tell you that the resolutions that lasted were a result of reminding myself that:

* I only had to really change one thing at a time
* I should relish the small victories
* I shouldn’t mentally punish myself
when I faltered & had to start again

Share how you’ll succeed!

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  1. A new year is already here. And there are so many things that come with a new year, including the need for resolutions. People usually feel that the beginning of year is when change should occur and new ideas, behaviors, direction, etc. should begin. Well, there is nothing wrong with setting goals for yourself, but never forget the basics. The basics are: live for God and he will bless you!

    >Let this be the year that you depend on God totally for all that you need. Let this be the year that you trust him for what you should desire and your total direction. But most importantly, let this be the year that God can depend on you. No more in and out. No more doubt and fear. No more self serving spells. Let this be a true year of soul prosperity and peace. Those things come by serving him. You will hear favor message after favor message from many of the hype-preachers in the country this year. But remember this. GOD GRANTS FAVOR WHEN HE IS PLEASED!.

    If your ways please him, he will grant you favor. But if you are not pleasing him, then you are not operating in his favor, but you are operating in luck and your own ability! Let this be a true year for the favor of God on your life. Seek him and his ways without gimmicks and cliches. If you keep seeking him, you will find him. And if you keep pleasing him, you will have his favor.

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