Are You Getting Robbed?

Hello all:

I heard an inspiring message last week that I wanted to share.

This message was preached by Brother Coleman Sr. He spoke of the “Thieves That Rob Us.” The focus of his scripture was the book of Philippians. He commented that the writer of Philippians, the Apostle Paul, mentions the words “joy” or “rejoicing” at least 15 times throughout the book of Philippians.

Note too, that the Apostle Paul had little reason to be joyful as he was in prison. Yet, Paul keeps encouraging the saints to maintain their joy!

The following four things rob us of our joy:
(1) Circumstances
(2) People — They can rob of your joy by where they are, what they are doing, or what they are not doing
(3) Things — Material items and their upkeep can cause you to lose your joy
(4) Worry —  The biggest thief infiltrates our minds and wears away at us from the inside

We choose to trust God. He ignores nothing that concerns us!*  He cares about every person, circumstance, or thing that is of concern to us. Therefore, as we trust in Him, we have every reason to keep the joy that was provided.
Let none of these thieves keep you on a cloud of disappointment. Instead ride a cloud of joy!

* Psalm 138:8 (KJV)  The LORD will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O LORD, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.

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  1. This message was so important. So many things that we have problems with can be found under these four main things we worry about. Thanks for making this so accessible so we know not to let these things steal our joy.

    1. Yes, I agree that so many things rob us of our joy. I’ve heard this type of message in times past. BUT this is the first time I have actually analyzed my daily behavior in regards to being robbed of joy. If I am not feeling joyful, or even happy for that matter, I ask myself, “What’s robbing you?” As soon as I categorize the instance in a people, thing, or circumstance position, I encourage myself to look to Jesus for an answer. He always has an answer and can certainly resolve anything and everything that would cause me to worry. 🙂

  2. I really enjoy this blog. Staying positive and rejoicing keeps us living and growing. Success in life is brought on by great enthusiam.

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