Communicate Jesus!

I found the words “Communicate Jesus” and the corresponding blog while I was on the Internet today.

The words provoked me again to ask myself about how I am communicating Jesus to my neighbors, friends, and family. Am I being rude, terse, indifferent, or just too busy to help, to care?

If we want to evangelize (or convert others to Christianity) we need to show the love that Jesus had for those who were around him. We need to  show others that they have value, to stop and listen to their concerns, and to act on their behalf.

As we do all of this, we will be showing love and communicating Jesus in the loudest, most positive,  and most impactful way possible.

So let’s encourage one another to put off rudeness, self-centeredness, self-righteousness, and even indifference.

Love will draw others to you like a magnet! (When they are close, then you can tell them how you came to have so much love. Of course Jesus will be His name!)

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  1. Hi Deb,
    I want to leave a little comment.
    People always seem to gear encouragement towards the people who are not doing what they are suppose to be doing. There are people really towing the line for God! There are countless people around the globe who need not to be reminded to do the things for God. And here I want to address those people and let them know that we are a army of Christians that will always be encouraged and always will be there for mankind just as Jesus, has given us instructions to do just that. We stay in our Word and need not to be reminded. We live the Gospel and when we walk into a room the Holy Spirit lets everyone in the room know that this is a man or women of God.
    I went to a clinic with a dear friend of mine. A dear lady sat beside me and said to me you are a Christian aren’t you! She said I could tell when I walked into the room. I was sitting there quiet I hadn’t opened my mouth. I told her yes and we had a sincere conversation. When we walk the walk and talk the talk in His love. There is no doubt that the Holy Spirit is there for us every step of the way. HE rests upon us and gives us favor day by day and minute by minute. We will continue to stay close to the Master. We will keep on keeping on. We will continue to stay in love with the King of Kings and Lords of Lords! No man will be able to pluck us out of the Masters Hand. I pray that you stay strong and continue being a blessing to others, because that is what it is all about.

    1. Praise God that you are keeping the faith without having to be reminded.
      You sound like a strong Christian and one that others should emulate.
      Keep holding onto the faith.

        If we continue to walk upright before the Lord, then you and I, along with all of the other faithful saints will hear a “well done” from the Father!

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