Could Jesus Get Sick?

I was searching through blogs and came across this question: Could Jesus get sick?

I commented at the thirstytheologian’s site, but I was so stirred by the question I had to put something here as well.

I believed that Jesus could have gotten sick. He was 100% God but He was also 100% human*. His humanness and the frailty of the human body would have definitely allowed Him to become sick!

Funny though, I don’t remember anywhere in the scriptures where it says that Jesus was sick.

Do you know of any scriptures that say so? Do comment on what you think.

* The official term for this concept is hypostatic union. See

6 thoughts on “Could Jesus Get Sick? Leave a comment

  1. I thought long about this (Jesus getting sick) after I read Isaiah 53. I asked a pastor friend of mine and he said Jesus didn’t get sick, maybe a cold or something like we got normally but nothing like cancer or some other disease.

  2. If you tell me that Jesus got sick then all of Christianity falls apart. Jesus was 100% human. All humans I know get sick. Jesus also was at all points tested like humans…so that means this runny nose and horrible mucus feeling in my chest yea Jesus had that too. If He didn’t then all you tell me about him has failed.

    1. Dear CF:
      I don’t know if I agree with your reasoning. He was tested/tempted in all points like we were. But doesn’t that mean that He understood our plight but not that He necessarily had to experience our plight?

  3. I don’t believe Jesus got sick even though He was 100% God and 100% man. If this would be so then what he said when He said “Thou art healed”. I believe that He walked in His glory while being here on earth. So being in his deity it would be impossible for Him to take on the infirmities of the world.

    1. Oh “Thou art healed” is a good way to think about the situation. If He did detect an illness trying to attach itself to Him being the Master healer, He just healed himself before the sickness was evident to anyone else. 🙂

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