Do You Know the Three R’s of Good Friday?

Today is Good Friday. It is the day that Jesus was put on the cross to make atonement for the sins of the world.

History and the scriptures show Jesus lived through excruciating pain, torment, and mockery on this day.

The day can be seen as a day to grieve over the harsh treatment that Jesus endured.  Grieve for a bit, if your must. Then:

Reflect on His sufferings and His love for sympathizing-with-sin and/or too-often rebellious people like you and me.

Repent of any sin and count your repentance as reasonable service to the Master.
Rejoice — Sunday, the day He arose from the grave is coming.

Resurrection Day (still called Easter by many) is the day every born-again believer sees that our victory over weaknesses in the flesh and our victory Satan can be won ! Hallelujah!

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