Is Facebook Inherently Evil?

Hello all:

I got a good reminder today about not judging a matter before you know the whole story.

For at least the last 2-3 years when people started talking to me about the Internet, the word “Facebook” comes up in the conversation.  I am normally asked whether I have a Facebook or LinkedIn Page.*  (LinkedIn is a website used by professionals who want the same social networking environment that Facebook offers.) See for for a “social networking” definition.

I had heard several bad stories regarding how someone, usually a teenager, had been cyberbullied or had become missing because of some pervert that the teen became acquainted with through Facebook.

But-t-t–t after hearing about the term “Facebook” so much and having a few defenders tell me it wasn’t so bad, I decided to investigate.

Facebook definitely has a business structure!  (For those of you who would love to work for the company: they even say they are hiring!) There is ad space for business owners to purchase and they even have a virtual gift shop associated with the company. They also have a help center and my favorite, a link which leads to instructions regarding how to keep yourself and/or your teen safe while using the site.

So,  I am again reminded that I need to hear the “whole matter” of  a thing before developing the conclusion.

Yes, Facebook can be used for evil because there are evil doers in the world as in given in Psalm 26:5. Those who want to do evil will use any tool or any facet of technology for evil works. (The tool itself does not have to be inherently evil, it is the user of the device.)

Yet, I am sure there are preachers, evangelists, and many other good people who use the site as it is intended.

So for today Facebook, I won’t dismiss you! 🙂

Do share your thoughts.

*To date I have neither a Facebook or LinkedIn Page but I am considering subscribing. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Is Facebook Inherently Evil? Leave a comment

  1. Not one to normally leave comments, but I find this to be an excellent read. I would also add that one of the problems with almost any useful technology tool is that good people often turn away from it because it can be used for evil or bad. This leads to only the wrong type of people using it.

    1. Hmmm… hadn’t thought about it like that. If only the evil people of this world use technology, then the good of the thing can never be seen!

  2. My very 1st post on facebook was to let people know that I was preaching one Sunday for our Vacationing Pastor. We had six people (friends of mine) show up who would not have been in Church (any Church)because they saw my post. I must say that Facebook got off on a good foot with me.

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