Is Social Media The New Distraction?

Hello all:

I came across a blog article that asks, “Is Social Media the New Drug”? (See

The research shows that young adults who were without their IPod, cell phone, and other devices  felt lonely and stressed. The researcher also worried that this generation would cause themselves to have back and neck troubles from the poor posture and constant typing.

The feelings of stress and loneliness are understandable in that these devices and the social networks like Facebook make you feel connected to others.

Besides one’s concern about the the future physical ailments of the social networking generation, from a Christian view, I would ask, “Is Social Media the New Distraction?”

Blogging can be time consuming.

Facebook users have told me that can spend hours: writing on their wall, visiting others’ pages,  or even Facebook stalking.

Connecting with friends and family can be amusing and even therapeutic, but I would caution not to let it eat away at time with the Lord. We all need quiet time to be in His presence, to thank Him for His daily benefits to us, and to listen to godly direction for our lives.

Check your habits:  if you find yourself blogging, texting, chirping, or tweeting, and you haven’t prayed or listened for God’s voice today, just stop.

It takes discipline, but the reward and comfort of hearing from the Master will be worth the restraint.

Speaking of discipline… I’d better stop blogging and go talk to the Master myself. 🙂

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  1. Back in the 1980’s, AT&T ran a popular ad campaign called “Reach Out and Touch Someone”. Ironically, the one thing you can’t do with a telephone is to be physically present with the person you’re talking to! And the same holds true with all of the new electronic social networking tools. While they are useful ways of keeping up with people (in the virtual world), it’s just as important to meet up and talk to people in person (as Debra pointed out). I would also add to pay attention to what’s going on in the physical world around you by making sure you take time to take care of yourself, your family, your house/apartment, and your local community. Try and set time limits on how long you spend using social technology or even the Internet.

  2. one of my favorite sports radio hosts, mike golic, lost his phone on a flight this past sunday and he said it has been the best four days of his life. he loves not having the distraction and sort of being free. And the discussion was making quite a splash on the show.

    But i really think we need to be careful in what we demonize and make holy. The printing press could be harped on for being the catalyst for all the smut out there that grabs people’s intentions. But it also put more Scripture in people’s hands than ever before.

    Ultimately, are our habits of any kind being done with thankfulness and praise in our hearts. If it’s just distracting, then no. If it’s useful for encouraging, for joy, for good communication, then it’s glorifying to the One that ultimately created the technology through us.

    My two pennies!

    1. Dear Phil:
      Thanks for your two pennies worth!
      I enjoy blogging and miss it at moments when I can not be engaged.
      But, I’d much rather talk to people face to face. and hearing God’s voice or sensing His presence well nothing compares!

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