How Is Your Worship?

Hello all: Be encouraged to set aside time  for worship. In the busyness of work, family, and even church obligations, worship, expressing adoration and love for the Master, gets pushed in the background. Lately, the Holy Spirit is provoking me to consistently practice nurturing  the inner man just as we … Continue Reading How Is Your Worship?

God Will Keep Your Secrets!

Hello all: I just read snippets of an article Alix has posted on the dilemma of having your private information harvested by social media mega-businesses like Facebook and  Twitter. I am not surprised by any information that businesses harvest to help create more business.  I would expect that anyone’s  … Continue Reading God Will Keep Your Secrets!

Please Mother Me!

Hello all: I am continuing my reflections of Mother’s Day. I am thinking of the times as children and teenagers when we wish our mothers would “go away” for a little while and let us do it (whatever the “it” might have been). * Remember resenting her input: spoken or … Continue Reading Please Mother Me!

Happy Mother’s Day!

“A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary.” * — Dorothy Canfield Fisher As today is Mother’s Day, I was reflecting on the sacrifices that mothers make to promote the health, safety, and happiness of their children. To all the mothers who: … Continue Reading Happy Mother’s Day!