Please Mother Me!

Hello all:
I am continuing my reflections of Mother’s Day.

I am thinking of the times as children and teenagers when we wish our mothers would “go away” for a little while and let us do it (whatever the “it” might have been).

* Remember resenting her input: spoken or unspoken?
* Remember saying, “I can’t wait to move out of here and get my own place.”
* Remember, “She makes me sick.”

How foolish we have sometimes been!
Suddenly, maturity or a revelation, or maybe a smidgen of both, kicks in. Some experience teaches you how wise, smart, intelligent, humble, and sacrificing she has been.

Gone are the immature days of wanting to push her away.

Today, I am so grateful when I can call my mother and say I am sorry for past wrongs. I am so grateful for her snippets of advice.

Life’s experiences of harshness, loneliness, and/or conditional love has left me now wanting want to yell, “Please mother me !

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