Feminism: Does It Integrate With The Bible?

A conversation came up today about Women’s rights. There was a discussion about how one should be a feminist because men have too many implied rights that women still have to fight for.

I am not big on feminist thinking, except maybe for equal job opportunities and equal pay for equal work. I commented that a woman did not need to expend her energies on Women’s rights. God will take care of her rights.  God opens up every door that one is to walk through.

Do you see feminism integrating with biblical principles?

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  1. I totally agree with the comments above about implied rights that men possess. I am a feminist myself and understand that women have to fight for simple rights that men already possess. For example, it is no secret that men gain more money for the same jobs that women do. Women currently today earn 77 cents to the dollar that men earn, on average. Women are not allowed to work the same jobs that men are, whether they are physically or mentally capable or not. There are many double standards against women that are not present for men, especially in the areas of sexuality and ways in which women carry themselves. Whether or not the bible and feminism mix is not relevant. Rights for women, equal opportunities and equal judgment should be given to every person, despite their gender. This has nothing to do with religion; this is a people thing.

    1. I agree that woman should be able to work any job that they are physically and mentally capable of performing. I do not agree that the bible and feminism can not be discussed in the same subject. While I have no specific statistics (or maybe enough”life experience” is a better meter) to prove it , from what I have read of the bible it can be discussed with any topic that man decides is relevant to put into existence.

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