What Are You Decreeing and Declaring?

Dr. N. Cindy Trimm has an eight volume series on Spiritual Warfare*. The series is entitled, Rules of Engagement.

In Volume 1 she gives very specific prayers to say regarding protecting yourself from Satan and his demons’ devices and how to speak positive anointed words/principles into your life.  I particularly liked her prayers about decreeing and declaring. (Decree she defines as authority order, directive, or command enforced by law.  Declare is to state emphatically and authoritatively.)

Here’s a sample from her book Vol 1, p. 41–
“I decree and declare wisdom is my counselor; the Holy Spirit is my Consultant; Jesus is my Advocate. God, El Elyon, my only Judge has declare and I therefore establish that my officers are peace, my exactors righteousness, my walls salvation, and gates praise (Genesis 47:27; Isaiah 60:17-18).”

So as you consider strengthening yourself in the Lord through prayer, I ask you what are you decreeing and declaring?

* If you are new to spiritual warfare,take caution. Battling against Satan and his forces is not something one should try as a casual past time.
See my other entries from November 14, 2009, and April 26, 2010, for more.

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