Are You Questioning Life’s Choices Too?

A young lady I know is scheduled to go into City Year, a community service program throughout the United States. (She says there are also locations in London and South Africa. Go to for more information.)

She spouted out potential tasks. I included her responses in italics.

Creating a lesson plan “I don’t know how to do that!

Teaching a student how to divide “That’s iffy.”
(Hmmm… I agree with that one. I personally know that she’s not that great at math!)

Building a bench –” I don’t do manual labor!”

She then questions if this is the program for her! I initially laughed at her comments, but it does bring up a point to discuss.

What happens when we think we have made a good life choice and then it looks like maybe not? I know that I have to talk to myself (literally) and say that all things work together for my good.

Is there anything that brings you swift relief from the panic that comes when a life choice you’ve made looks like a fail-choice?

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