Do You Hear The Love?

Hello all:
I came across a terrific post today by a Jason S. (See his post at

Jason tells a cute “going-on-a-date-with-his-5 year old niece” story.
By the blog’s end, he ties together trusting in God’s love + relying on God’s abundance = the provisions needed for where you are going have already been provided.

And if you’re thinking that your situation is too big: that maybe God would not  provide for it, then think again. Jason has words of encouragement for that too.  He says  “Love always speaks louder than impossible.”

(Shouldn’t that line become an instant classic for encouragement!)
So let us think of how God has echoed His love to us by doing for us what has looked impossible!

This thought is bringing peace to my mind.
Is this thought bringing peace to your mind as well?

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