Complaining: Is It A Good or Bad Habit?

I was reading a book entitled, How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Fee and Stuart today and the authors commented on pg. 215 that one could complain to God because the person trusts that God will fix the problem. This is a completely different spin on complaining than I had ever heard.

I always thought that one shouldn’t complain to God because if a person is trusting Him, then no matter the circumstance He is in control of your life. What feels like a grief, a pain, or discomfort should be minutiae compared to your trust in Him. Such minutia is not worth speaking (Hmmm, I need to think about this some more.)

3 thoughts on “Complaining: Is It A Good or Bad Habit? Leave a comment

  1. I would like to believe that God is open to hearing us express our pain and frustration. God can listen to that better than humans can!
    We still can believe that some good will come from a bad situation.

    1. God promises that “all things work together” for the good of them that love Him. (Romans 8:28)
      All circumstances will be for the good of saints even if they don’t feel good whilst we are going through them.

  2. God forgive me for sharing this minutia. Your post caused me to look up the word “minutiae” in the dictionary. “Minutiae” is a plural noun meaning small or relatively unimportant details. The singular noun is “minutia” without the E. Does anybody every speak about one minutia?

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