Happiness: Are You Expecting It From Above?

Hello all:

I am reflecting upon the idea, “Where does happiness come from”?

We often say or hear others say that happiness does not come from having great riches, or that others, for example a spouse, can not make you happy. The world view is that you have to make yourself happy! You can strive to find happiness via fame, fortune, education, sex, a spouse, or entertainment.

I am reading a book by the late Dr. James Boice entitled, “The Sermon on the Mount“. In the book’s opening chapter Dr. Boice states that happiness comes only from God. You can find it no where else.
Dr. Boice continues that happiness is a gift and that ” every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and cometh down from the Father of lights… (See James 1:17 KJV.)

Hmmm… if we embrace this concept wholeheartedly could it be that most of the ways we seek happiness should be abandoned? And that we should just: look up, thank the Father for another free gift, and spend so much more of our time in praise and adoration of He who again is demonstrating that He loves us above all?

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