Who Has The Father Sent Your Way?

Ever wonder why some of the people who come into your life just seem to irritate you endlessly? You pray for their speedy exit, but they just keep coming back. Maybe, the Father has put them into your life  to shape you. Remember, He is not interested in our comfort, but He is interested that we become more like Jesus in perfect character and perfect obedience.  Maybe that person has just the character trait in them that will bring out the dross* in you. Once the dross ( the less than useful material)  is removed, then you’ll be someone God can use for His service.

And while it may seem a little cruel of Him to send you trial and tribulations through that person, think of the alternative. They could have never come and you would not have been reshaped. Less shaping would have meant you are less like Jesus. (And this is not an option. For we do want to hear that “Well done thy good and faithful servant” accolade from the Father.)

Better to get reshaped and hurt a little here, than to miss out on heaven above!
So… who has the Father sent your way?

(*See Ezekiel 22:19-22 to see how much the Father dislikes dross.)

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2 thoughts on “Who Has The Father Sent Your Way? Leave a comment

  1. Deborah:
    Oh I totally agree with your comment about “praying for them everything you would want for yourself.” Taking that attitude makes them feel less like an enemy and more like a friend.
    God be with you!

  2. Debra,
    I was reminded this week in struggling with an irritating person in my life that I am to rejoice in the Lord, then bring my petitions to Him, practice gratitude and then His peace will rest on me(Phil. 4:4-7). Too often, I get stuck thinking about that person and I wonder why I have no peace. I am also experimenting with praying for them everything I want for myself. This lays an axe at the root of my stubborn, selfish heart. I can only do this by the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for the encouragement.

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