Get To Stepping!

Hello all:

I saw  this line in a message that was sent to me today:
“Do not ask the Lord to guide your footsteps.

if you are not willing to move your feet.”

Is not it so true how the victories we gain in the Lord frequently demand action?

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  1. Yes, and often, we don’t take the next step out of fear. I’m doing some things now that I’m very afraid to do, even though the Holy Spirit is clearly directing me. It’s a place I’ve never been before.
    I attended a tea Tuesday for a 73 year old lady celebrating 25 years of ministry who was told in her 40’s to quit her job. God said it year after year for 5 years until she obeyed and then God opened up this amazing opportunity where she has served for 25 yers. She did not know that this door would open when she quit her secure job.
    Often I want to walk in what I think is a secure place, where I can see the path I’m taking all laid out on the 10 year plan. God works on the today plan-as in “obey what I’m showing you today” plan.
    “God, talk to me and tell me what we’re going to do today.”

    1. Yes, I agree we often do not take the next step out of fear. But I keep being reminded that when I am feeling “fearful of circumstances and their outcome” my focus is in the wrong place. I must, we must KNOW that God is always looking out for our best interest. (This providential care is present even though it does not always feel to be so to us.) Such providential care assures that while we may end up in dark times or troubled places, God has not abandoned us. Furthermore, there is a treasure in the darkness (Isaiah 45:3) that awaits us if we remain steadfast in our trust and service to the Lord.

      So let us keep our heads up, maintain spiritual ears attuned to God’s directions, and watch how God grows us along this life’s journey.

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