Thanksgiving Day Misused and Abused?

Hello all:

I visited a citizen reporter’s page today where the writer was telling of the commercial retailers’ decision and action to try to get a head start on Black Friday* sales. By head start the writer means, businesses will now start being open for sections of Thanksgiving Day or open in the late PM of Thanksgiving Day.


Okay, I admit  I don’t understand the intricate details of economics and keeping a country’s economy afloat. But ladies and gentleman why misuse Thanksgiving Day? It was short enough as it stands.  It is our nation’s only 24 hour day of public acknowledgment of giving thanks (presumably to God– for our family, for our country, for Himself, and a myriad of other personal benefits that one felt had been sent their way.)

Now Thanksgiving is being misused? It is because it generates so little financial profit as compared to that of the Christmas season?

And yes, I know that individually each of us can thank God in our hearts. But God also desires that we acknowledge, honor, and worship Him as a nation. What honor does God receive if we as a people are out shopping for commercial gifts on THANKSGIVING DAY?

Oh, Father please forgive us… Oh Father please help us to want You more than we want the comforts and excitements of this world.


(* Just in case you don’t know it, Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year and is the official beginning of the Christmas holiday season.)

See article at

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