Life: It Brings Benefits and Problems

“I sometimes wonder if the presence of money
isn’t more unsettling than the lack of it.”

This milliner  made this comment in the CRANFORD  TV- Miniseries.

I have never had oodles of money, so I can not speak that having too much of it is as just as much a problem as having too little.

This comment struck me though because life’s circumstances always bring with them an array of benefits  and problems.

Father show us, guide us not matter what life brings our way!

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  1. The Psalmist, David, said, give me neither poverty or wealth, lest I be poor and steal or wealthy and forget you. Compared to the rest of the world, most of us are wealthy. Materialism and the love of money is a stumbling block for many of us. I’ve heard the book The Hole in the Gospel recommended a number of times as a way to look at money and simplify our lives.

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