The Starfish Side of Christmas

I was told this opening story by a relative of mine.

A lady saw a young man on the beach. In front of him, for yards to the left and yards to the right were hundreds of starfish that for some reason had washed ashore.

One by one he began to throw a starfish back into the ocean.  The lady watched for a few moments and then approached him.  “Why are throwing the starfish back? There are so many. There is no way your actions will make a difference” she said.

The man picked up another starfish and purposefully threw it  back into the ocean. He turned to the woman. “You’re right,” he said. “There are so many.  I might not make a difference to them all. But as he looked out toward the ocean, he quietly said,
“ But I did make a difference to that one!”


This Christmas season reminds us yet again of the birth of Jesus Christ in the manger. He was surrounded by His mother, Joseph, and farm animals. And had it not been for the announcement of His arrival by the multitude of heavenly angels on that day, His birth most likely would have gone unnoticed by the world.  Yet travel back with me before the birth of Jesus. We can only imagine from the Scriptures given, that the Trinity, before the world began, had a conversation amongst themselves. Who will go and redeem man back unto us? For we know He will fall under the influence of Satan.
Jesus stood.
He motioned that He would come to earth: be born of a virgin, experience the life and limited nature of man, suffer unconscionable acts of cruelty and then die on the cross to take away the punishment for man’s sins. Upon finishing His work, man would have the opportunity to be accepted into Heavenly paradise.

The angels could not believe it! What! Why go and do all this for man? Man will only be a imperfect created being. What is man they asked? And why art thou so mindful of him the angels questioned? (Psalm 8:4a)  You, the three of you, oh Elohim know that not all of them will even accept Jesus even though they will see Him in the flesh. Some will reject His act of grace, his teachings, his kindness, and the divine power that will be displayed in front of their eyes. And even though Jesus will declare to the disciple Thomas that those who live after Jesus’ earthly existence and believe on Him will be even the more blessed  (St. John 20:29) – still they will reject who He is and what He represents.

Jesus’ love for mankind started before the world began.  But it most assuredly and poignantly began on that night his mother Mary birthed him into the world.

Probably all the of the angels and some of mankind throughout time, from the philosopher, to the historian, to the commoner, and maybe, just maybe even a theologian or two would justifiable say that Jesus should have never come to redeem or rescue any of us from the crafty, unmerciful hands of Satan. Whatever our lot within life, within death, or within the afterlife should not be improved!

But can‘t you just Jesus hear reply just as the man on the beach did that day.  “I might not make a difference to all, but my actions will make a difference to some.”

Oh, how humbly grateful we are who know that we are in the group “of the some” to whom His birth on Christmas day and later on His death and resurrection has made all the difference.

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