Daniel Fast Beginnings

Hello all:

I will be starting the Daniel Fast soon . The Daniel Fast is presented by Susan Gregory. In the book she advocates doing as the prophet Daniel did by eating “no meat and no pleasant food” One can be on this  vegan-based fast for seven days but she suggests a longer stretch. (See http://danielfast.wordpress.com/ for more information.)

Someone at my church was thinking about fasting to consecrate this new year unto the Lord. Simultaneously, she found the book “The Daniel Fast by Susan Gregory” and so now several dozen of us at my church are embarking on this fast that will not only cleanse the body of chemicals but will give us an opportunity to grow closer to the Lord.

And while the idea of fasting is not directly related to my blog, I am sharing some of my experiences relating to these fasting and praying days. I am sure after prayer and repenting I will again be able to shout yet again, that Jesus will indeed present me faultless before the Father no matter what.

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  1. Day 20 of 21
    I am down to the last 24 hours! At some moments, it is seem to a more stressful place than at the beginning. I keep telling myself while I was being tempted by a batch of french fries that smelled oh soo-o-o o, not to lose control! I was at the end, I could follow the rules for yet another day.

  2. Day 17 of 21
    In the Daniel Fast Program we’re allowed to drink a smoothie as it is considered “a meal” and not a beverage. I had a terrific smoothie this past week! — adding soymilk almost made it feel like I was drinking a milk shake! 🙂

    I almost completed the reading of George Mueller’s Answers to Prayer. While reading this book, I have been encouraged to ask for God’s leading and direction for matters that I would not have done so in the past. Mueller even makes you feel like it’s not just okay but outright mandatory for one to incessantly petition God about all that concerns you.

  3. Day 9 of 21 —
    While reading the study materials that I received along with the Daniel fast I came across the idea that worship activates the spirit world. Not sure what I think of this comment…

  4. Still Day 3 of 21
    The smallest thing got me on edge. I heard a family member chewing potato chips .
    Awwwwwhhh…. I was thinking to go get some too. Oh soo-o-o-oo- sorry can’t have those. 🙂

  5. Day 3 of Day 21
    Hello all:
    I am doing okay: not extremely hungry yet.

    I have two challenges thus far:
    * The first one is finding the foods that are sugarless. Susan Gregory says one has to make much from scratch — she is absolutely correct there. (This the the surest way to KNOW that there is no added sugar in your meals.)
    * As I am frequently a fan of sweets, the other challenge is to find items that taste sweet but are not full of added sugar!

    I can’t say I have anything resounding to speak of with regarding my spiritual experiences.

    Nevertheless, while performing the readings that were requested of us, I did review Joel 2:13-14 which brought joy to my heart. This scripture speaks of repenting (“rend your heart and not your garments” and what the Lord might do for you as a result of your fasting.
    So here’s to the idea that I as fast, pray, and repent during this period that God will forgive my sin and “leave behind Him a blessing for me”.

    NO worries all — even if there is no obvious blessing, I will still love Him.
    I LOVE HIM [Jehovah] yes I do! 🙂

  6. A web site that delves into this is called Do42.com. His approach is rather unique. I started my own version of it, which is not as stringent. He advocates doing such a fast twice a year, in January and then in July. I think you would find helpful information there to supplement what you are doing. Blessings.

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