Reflections:What’s New After The Daniel Fast

Hello all:

So I just finished the Daniel Fast…

What I found:

Diet wise — I found I did have the discipline to eat foods from  a limited diet. So YES WE CAN do a task to completion even if it is difficult for us to do! 🙂 And too, I did find a few good dishes or foods  to eat. Tofu and I have now actually become friends.  (Try using Silken Tofu to make a milkshake — scrumptious!)

After reviewing the entire Bible study packet: I had more questions than answers. Most of questions had to do with the spirit realm.

a. Does worship activate the spirit world?

b. How can the spirit realm be just or as real as the natural world we live in?

2. My favorite new scripture has become ” Let my heart be sound in thy statutes that I be not ashamed. ” ~ Psalm 119:80 (KJV)

Finally, I can encourage you that if you persevere and make time for the Lord, while you may have many end up with many unanswered questions, somehow just talking out your thoughts unto God makes even the “not knowing” okay. You get to be in His presence which spiritually compensates you so much!

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  1. Oh hello all:
    Another thought as to the food end of the Daniel Fast:
    A burger does not have to necessarily equal meat!

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