What Is Your Experience?

Hello all:

In a recent reading of scripture I came across I Kings 8:26 (KJV) ” And now, O God of Israel, let thy word, I pray thee, be verified, which thou spokest unto thy servant David my father”.

The Amplified Version reads,” Now, O God of Israel, let Your Word which You spoke to Your servant David my father be confirmed [by experience].

I thought, “Oh how much we need this prayer to be true in our lives”.
How often do we doubt God? Most of us on too frequent a basis. But if we have personal experiences with the Master in which He has resolved some circumstance in our life — our relief, confidence, and rest in God swells. We can say to our flesh and Satan that God has come through for us yet again.
May this prayer that I know Jehovah God by experience be our victory statement each and every day!


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    1. Hello:
      I saw your recent comment about Mike Bickle and that he might not be rightly dividing the word of truth. Let’s just keep him in prayer.

  1. Well said. I think we all forget that the whole Bible is what our Lord Jesus has said about us. We need to take it with both hands and speak it out with our mouths.

    There is a man of God I know called mike Bickle whom I respect greatly. He speaks the word with love and passion. If you have heard negative things about him please just listen to one of his teachings. He publishes his teaching on the WEb. He has a whole series on David which is fantastic and how he is a type and shadow of Jesus and of a believer and how he failed so many times but kept going on with God.
    The below URL takes you to one of his teaching series :-
    I hope you enjoy.

    Best Regards
    Raymond Clements

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