We Can Satisfy Him, Really?

Hello all:

I think of being satisfied as such a human trait. Yet, as I was reading the book by Jentenzen Franklin entitled, Fasting I came across this comment, “True worship that comes from our hearts feeds Him and satisfies Him” ~ p. 71.

Hmmm… we can satisfy God? Interesting…

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  1. God is satisfied.
    Satisfaction is an eternal state of God. Just as the Father in the story of the Prodigal, God’s love for us is eternal and changes, not. God loves us unconditionally at all times. God is satisfied when we grow, discover, explore, experience and learn from our experiences. There are no mistakes just opportunities to grow more in the knowledge of our sonship and daughtership. We are one with God. God within us urges us to express and grow. God knowingly watches and has set the stage for us to be free to evolve safely. Remember that we are not physical bodies. We are spirit and eternal. For eternity, God rests knowing that we shall awaken to the full knowledge of whose we are and affirm the power and peace that is attached to this knowing. So today, rest in knowing that a Loving God, is loving you at all times fully satisfied to overflowing. God is Joy and Peace.

    God will beautify the meek just affirms that we reap the benefits of knowing who we are. We need not feel above anyone else, we need not feel below anyone else. We only need to awaken to the Truth of who we are and whose we are. Then we recognize that we are free to do anything. The Truth is we reap the consequences of all our actions. We are free to choose and the Law states that our actions have consequences. We never lose the unconditional Love of God. These attributes of God can not change by temporary experiences. Almighty God, our Creator and Loving Father, knows that you are a child of HIS, perfect just as you are. God sees from the eternal point of view. We see through a dirty, dark, judgmental, limited perspective. The meek know who they are. The rest of the folks are still trying to figure it out. 🙂

  2. So, I have never thought about this. But when a person is pleased with something, that’s not too far from being satisfied is it? When our ways please the LORD, He makes his enemy to be at peace _ And it Pleased the LORD to bruise Him… –
    Just thinking!!!

    1. Hmmmm, if someone is pleased with a thing that is close to be satisfied.I’ve got to think about this some more as well. 🙂

  3. Hi,
    The statement “True worship that comes from our hearts feeds Him and satisfies Him” ~ p. 71. is not biblical. God is eternal and we as human beings can never satisfy Him. We can make Him happy so to speak and draw nearer to Him as we worship. Satisfy HIM NO!

    Your brother in Christ.

      1. But what meaneth Psa. 148:4 -For the LORD taketh pleasure in His people; He will beautify the meek with salvation.?

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