God Has Plans For You!

Hello all:

Life’s circumstances get distressing to each of us at times. But know that God has a plan for your life. You are not here by accident! And yes, I am sure you are thinking, “I am no accident, but I have so little to offer Him.”

Do not worry about what you think you have to offer God. Whatever He needs for you to be: He will shape you into that person!

Moreover, don’t worry about your failings. You have failed Him; so have I. But He is not through with us. He keeps us on the planet because we have some word of advice, some work of consolation or encouragement to share with another person. There are people who only you can reach for God!

Keep your head up! You can be used of God. As long as you are on the planet, your window of opportunity to be God’s vessels still stands.


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