Keep Your Mind To Yourself: Don’t Surrender It To Satan!

Hello all:
I spent  the last few weeks getting distressed by the actions of others. As I am now coming out of my distress, let me encourage someone else who may be experiencing it today.

Remember you can make no one live righteously. Each of us must choose God for him or herself. Do not surrender your mind to Satan by giving yourself over to unrestrained worry regarding any situation in your life.

We who are born-again believers, accept that God will take of all we need in the final analysis*  because we belong to Him. And God always takes care of His own!  🙂

* I Tim :12

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  1. Debra,
    This is where I seem to get a lot of my distress, the actions of others. It is so hard to move to a place of acceptance. I have so many situations where my only choice is to accept or go crazy. Sometimes I pick crazy. . .but eventually I get to turning it over to the Lord.

    I like your idea of not surrendering our minds to Satan. This is precisely what we do when we fuss and fret.

    In a liturgical book I have been reading in morning devotions with the children, a paraphrase of a verse in the Psalms read, “In vain we are in turmoil.” That has really stuck with me.

    Thank you for sharing and encouraging others.

    1. Dear DT:
      I have frequently picked “crazy” too. But in the last 2 years when I fretted so hard that “crazy” was threatening to become the norm for me, I had to let some stuff go. Sadly enoughin my life, I

        have been

      too close to real “crazy “so I know that one can lose a sound mind. 😦 Keeping my mind on Jesus truly helps me stay balanced! So as it says in I Timothy 4:16 — Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine that you may save yourself and those that hear you.
      Stay happy in Jesus!

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