No Evil In God — For Real!

Recently a friend was complaining that God was not changing one of   her most valued relationships for the better.  She wanted God to fix things. And didn’t God know how many times she had prayed? And, she was not sure she could hold on much longer.

Underneath her complaint I felt the accusation. She was accusing God of being wrong somehow. He was wrong for not rescuing her, especially after she had passionately and earnestly prayed for His help  For certainly, if nothing was wrong with Him, then He would swiftly rescue her.

Her unspoken accusation against God troubled me because she was implying that there must be something wrong with God, But worse yet,  how many times had I not done the same thing? Sometimes accusations have swept from my mouth against Him before I could really think about what I was saying . Yet, I know there are just as many days  I knew I was accusing Him of not paying attention, of not moving swiftly enough. I knew it but I didn’t care! I was too angry! I was too scared!

Nevertheless, none of these emotions are justification for calling God something that He is not.

He is not evil. The bible says He is not. He is said to be good, righteous, holy, long suffering and so much more. But not once is God said to be evil.

James 1:13 says that God can not be tempted by evil. There is no evil in Him nor can He  even be tempted to do evil.

So when bad things are happening to you, be confident that it is not within God’s character to do evil to you.  He wants the best for you. The evil is coming from another root source.

There is no evil within Him ; for real!

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