Game Time: Think of the Christ in Christmas!

Hello all: Merry Christmas!

Here’s a game to try during the quieter moments of the Christmas Day. Write out each letter of the word “Christmas”. Then give a word or short phrase for each letter that represents the Christmas story. The player (s) who come up with the most uique word for each letter gets a point. The person with the most points wins. (Read Matthew 2 or Luke 2 for help or reminders after the game is completed.)

Here is an example: C- Christ; H- Herod; R- Room; I – Incense; S- Shepherds; T- Taxed
M- Magi; A- Angel; S- Swaddling Clothes

Have a terrific time lifting up the Lord and cherishing that He came born as a pure and spotless lamb who would later through His death take away the punishment of our sins!

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