100 Days of Prayer Challenge — Day 33

Want to cure your blahs when you feel blocked during a prayer session? Repeat hallelujah over and over:at least ten times. I am confident that you won’t be depressed or feel stuck in your prayer time. You’ll have plenty for which to thank God! Share your praise report here!

100 Days of Prayer Challenge — Day 23

Dear God, Help me to put the necessity of money, the use of money, and the use of wealth in a perspective that is pleasing to You. All that is in my life should reflect who I am in You and honor who You are in me. Amen.

Happy 3rd Birthday

Hello all: It’s been 3 years since I started blogging. Thanks to all my viewers who return again and again to read and share  what God can do for us in spite of ourselves.

100 Days of Prayer Challenge — Day 5

So help Lord when toil and trouble (as is stated in a song) to respond in the wisdom, calmness, and righteousness of the Holy Spirit. Let not my flesh react first and then I say oh I should have responded like, such-and -such later. Amen