Why the Disconnect From Payer To Actions?

There you are praying to the Father, sensing His Presence, and leaving your prayer session feeling rejuvenated and righteous. Yet hours later, that feeling is over and you find yourself getting angry over something that a family member has done. (Family is usually the one to get you off your feeling-good square.) 😦

Someone please tell me why the disconnect? Why doesn’t the good feeling, the righteous feelings associated with prayer counter or mortify the ways of the “old man”?

What is it that one needs to do so that the actions of others doesn’t distract a person to anger?

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  1. My thought for today 8/5/2012:
    Ungodly reactions are your retort to what you see. A godly response comes from knowing He is in control of the situation and from knowing you are His. He always takes care of His own.

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