100 Days of Prayer Challenge — Day 23

Dear God,

Help me to put the necessity of money, the use of money, and the use of wealth in a perspective that is pleasing to You. All that is in my life should reflect who I am in You and honor who You are in me. Amen.

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  1. Another comment: since I have been rehearsing this line of thinking, I actually feel like I have more money. My income has not increased in the last week, so why do I suddenly feel like there’s more at my disposable?
    Any ideas?

  2. So here is my first wave of what God is doing with my thoughts regarding money and wealth.
    1. I shall never lack for I serve a God who has an inexhaustible supply of resources.
    2. I already have all things that pertain to life and godliness
    3. Surpassing the necessities will equal an abundance that I can and should share with others. My wealth is not mine alone but must be shared with others.

    This line of thinking has given me a new layer of relaxation in Him. Continue to pray with me that it sticks!

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