100 Days of Prayer Challenge — Day 49

Here I am just a day away from the half-way mark of getting through this challenge.

The journey has had its lows and highs.

Low: I have actually had to THINK/DISCIPLINE myself to follow-through on this challenge. I guess, somehow, I was hoping that if I verbally said I would complete the challenge then the follow-through would be automatic. No such happenings here. Daily I find myself  rehearsing, “You said you would prayer 30 minutes every day, now do it.”
Then, I have to dead stop some activity, and do the praying, and not just talk about doing.

High: I feel like the events of each day have fallen into place. Normally, I am in situations where I would have had to “make sure” someone did his or her part of a task.  These days that has not been necessary. More often than not people have been cooperative — what a relief!

Another high: I feel that God is giving me insight or revelation regarding situations in my life. No, I have not gotten answers to most of the biggies, but the small ones yes. I get a distinct impression to  “go here”  or  a sudden understanding that ” this is why that person is acting that way.”

And a few times people have just been kind to me.  Once I dared to ask God was this kindness, this favor because I had disciplined myself to pray?

He has not answered this one yet. Maybe He’s just biding His time: He knows I have 51 days to go. 🙂

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