100 Days of Prayer Challenge — 70

Today: God gave me a quick answer to yesterday’s sin.

You know that I told you that I got angry at a family member. I got angry because of an insulting comment unto me. I retaliated.  I wanted to do SOMETHING so that the person would stop emotionally hurting me. Surely, he should feel some consequence for his action. He should not hurt my feelings so deeply and just laugh about, not recognizing nor acknowledging  my hurt!

Shortly after my sinful action, I began to regret it, knowing that “vengeance belongeth to God”. I prayed, “Father from now on let a person feel the pain that she or he has caused me.  Not a physical pain necessarily, but a consciousness of my pain. And let that be enough for me. If retaliation is to be given let it come from You, not from me. Retaliation brings me no joy, but great remorse. I know in trying to take the matter into my hands I have sinned against thee. For vengenance belongeth to You. Please take away the need for vengeance/retaliation away from me.”

I was reminded via a bible lesson that my retaliation was a result of my feelings of “being wounded” My anger did not necessarily have to lead to sin, but since my response was wrong, my action became sinful.

Note: The family member’s insulting comment should not have been said. And I should not have responded to it as I did. See St. Matthew 5:21-25. Our behaviors could lead to hell fire in the long run and, at the least, was immediately displeasing to God.

Alas, another reminder of how I need to depend on God for daily righteous living!

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