100 Days of Prayer Challenge — Day 79

I was so excited about Friday’s indication of blessing that I started looking for the scripture that went with the thought “the abundance of rain.”

I couldn’t find it! U-G-G-G-H! 😦
God kept bringing  the concept to me.
1. Later that Friday evening the devotional leader sang :Let It Rain  by Bishop Paul  S. Morton. It’s a song that talks of “opening the floodgates of heaven”, rain being a literal and figurative blessing from heaven.

2. The preacher this morning mentioned it in her message!

Finally, I found the scripture! It’s I Kings 18:41 . Elijah tells King Ahab to get down from the mountain for he hears the sound of the abundance of rain (after the area has had a 3 -year drought).

Here’s to the rain!

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