100 Days of Prayer Challenge! Day 88

I learned today that a family member was caught more deeply in a sin that I have originally thought. Had I known the degree of this person’s actions  I would have been so-o-oo-o-o upset. The tail end of the episode is  what was disclosed to me.

Initially, I asked God why did He not reveal more of the happenings to me. Then I realized He was shielding me from much  of it.

Then I began to pray: God thank you for delivering the person from the behavior.  And thank you God for “hiding me from the rain.*”

“The phrase of “hiding me from the rain” is from a song which, Awesome, that has been sung by song by Charles Jenkins and his choir.


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  1. Thank God for showing me that this family member’s life is in Your hands. You know the prayers that I put up before You concerning this individual. You see the life and have promised to keep all that I have committed unto you against that day.
    Oh how I love you Lord!

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