100 Days of Prayer Challenge — Day 100

Well, all:

I actually made it to  day 100! Praise God!

There is much to say about the journey. I am grateful to God for giving me the desire to execute the challenge to myself.  I am  glad that I could face myself with the weakness of not stopping to talk to God more often and then I could work at doing better.

The highs of the prayer journey:
— executing the discipline to follow through on praying, which included making myself to go pray with my church’s prayer group. (I had to go directly after 8 hours of the workday.)

— having a sense of balance about my life
— praying 97 of the 100 days that I intended to pray
— remembering to pray for others such as family members, co-workers, local politicians, missionaries, and even President Barak Obama.

The lows of  the prayer journey:
—  missing 3 days of prayer
—  beating myself up for the days I missed  praying
— beating myself up for the days when I felt like I hadn’t prayed long enough or that  it didn’t “feel like” I connected  with God.

Another item of note: I noticed I “spoke in tongues” more frequently during the prayer challenge. I can only assume that my consistently talking to God freed up the Holy Spirit within to manifest Himself.


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