Yes,You Need A Savior!

Hello all:

As the year is coming to close, let me remind you that yes you need a savior. If  you have happened by this blog., take a moment to consider this statement.

You need a savior or someone to rescue you out of all of the circumstances that you can not control. (We actually have control over very few things in this life.)

If you are an atheist — There is a savior, a someone to rescue you. In Christian terms, I am sure you have heard of this savior as Jesus Christ. He lived on the earth and  died to take away the punishment of all of  our sins. Once you accept that He is and what He has done for you, you gain access to heaven for eternity.

If you believe He exists but you feel as though you can not trust Him to take care of you, think again. His expressed purpose in coming to the earth and dying on the cross was for you. He sees you and is waiting just quietly and patiently waiting for you to acknowledge Him.

If you think He won’t help you because you have too much wrong, free your mind from this thinking! It does not matter what you have done. The shedding of His blood on the cross washed away the guiltiness and the stigma of every sin you have committed. No sin you have committed is greater than His power to forgive it.

If you have the Savior in your heart, then just be encouraged to press on! We wake up victoriously ,we sleep victoriously.  Rest in a daily dose of contentment, success, and victory through Christ Jesus in this world and certainly in the heaven to come.

No matter which category you place yourself, oh yes we need a sa a Savior!

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  1. I am happy for you that your life seems ordinary and that you have no major problems in it. I ask though, What will you do when the problems are not ordinary”? What happens when the problems become extraordinary… outside of the realm where people including yourself can solve the problem?
    A day will come that will include a disease, a grief, a distress, that will be so overwhelming that you will need an outside presence, better known as Jesus to come and fix the circumstance for you. You may even get to a place where you won’t care if He fixes the problem. You’ll just want Him to shield you in the midst of it all.

    And if you ever really get to know to Jesus you will find He is far from an enabler!

  2. I don’t need rescued, I’m doing quite well by myself.
    There is nothing to trust, there are no gods, never have been.
    He can’t help me, he doesn’t exist. I don’t have too many problems. Mine are all pretty ordinary…
    I wake up victoriously ,I sleep victoriously. I Rest in a daily dose of contentment, success, and victory because I am me, I am. In all that there is, not one thing is more luxurious than that I exist. I need no savior, I need no crutch. All this help you talk of is of no use. What use, then, is your god to me?

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