To Be Kept By Him

Hello all:

I am reading the bible through again, This time as I read Jeremiah, I am struck with the fact that people can be individually and corporately wicked, Often as I go through the day, I hear people comment about the violence and mayhem that surrounds us. People act as if this era is different from some other day. Wicked people with wicked thoughts and actions have existed throughout time, (Did you know that in Jeremiah 731 it is stated that the people burned their children in the fire? God says that this thought never crossed His mind.) Yet it was conceived and executed by humans.  In some remotes parts of the world, I would guess it is still even practiced today! Can you imagine throwing your child in a fire? And yes, I know some would answer and say, the practice of sacrificing one’s child is a part of that person’s culture and should not be judged. To dismiss murder on the basis of cultural upbringing seems a poor excuse indeed,

The born-again Christian cannot be overlooked either. Daily we must pray for right thoughts, right actions, lest we too be caught up in a whirlwind of evil.

Oh how we need the God of heaven to Today is no better than days, centuries of yore. WE cannot keep ourselves!

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