He’ll Wait for Your Return!

I should have written this post months ago, but the words to share didn’t surface.
However on this bright summer morning, the words are flowing from me and looking to be read.  Now… I can write this and so I shall.

To paraphrase John Steinbeck — “one’s capacity for self-delusions is boundless” .*  We can often make ourselves believe that we are more than we are. Yet in terms of facing God, the day comes when you realize you have nothing worthy to offer Him– self-delusions cease.

My days when such self-delusions ceased to be, was the season I had when I could not pray, I could not sing hymns, I could not recite scripture.
Nevertheless, in His patience and His great love for me,  the Master waited. He waited for me:
to reconnect with Him,
to strengthen my resolve to remain faithful to Him as a servant,
to acknowledge just how much I needed a Savior.

Oh He waited and we have reconnected! How sweet it is!
He can do the same for you!

* Taken from John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley: In Search of America , page 11.

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