God Said, “Wait”.

The answer of wait from God can be so frustrating! Let’s face it!

You pray… you want God to give you the green light! You might even fear that He’ll say no. But a wait, just makes you feel like you are in limbo! I can hear someone saying, “What am I supposed to do with, ‘wait’?” Well, my answer is to do just what He says. Wait!

The trick is to wait graciously, patiently, while trusting that He has not forgotten about you.

I don’t really like waiting either. Yet as I wait, I rehearse to myself that He loves me, He hasn’t forgotten about me, and maybe there are other people or circumstances that need to be worked on before I can get a yes from Him. Besides, when I focus on praying and/or helping someone else the wait doesn’t seem so long.

And let’s admit it: sometimes that “thing” that we were praying about, with the passing of time, comes up to not being that important after all.

Share what you do while you wait on God!



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