Be Glad In It!

I began thinking about a day, any day…

A day is a unit of time that God and only God can make. God makes the day and then allows us to be in it. I’m sure you’re saying Debra, “Why should I be glad about today? I don’t have a job, I’ve got debt, trouble in my family, health issues.”

You may have those challenges, or a myriad of others, but consider also that you could not have the day.

People die everyday.

These are people that God chose not to see a day that you get to see! Rest in knowing that God knows your challenges. Nothing is too hard for Him to fix! Let Him take the worries of the day. You just embrace the day for all the potential goodness that it holds. Here’s looking to God to making this day that He has made, one of your best days ever!


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