Dear 2016

Yes!! 2016 had a few challenges but doesn’t’ every year?


Dear 2016,

Everyone is giving you such a hard time. Many people don’t like you and can’t wait for you to leave. They’re blaming you for so much. Fear not, a lot of these people did the same thing to 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and so on. Some people will never be satisfied. It seems at the end of every year people take to social media and render their “End of The Year PSA” that goes something like this, “This was the worst year ever. I suffered so much. I can’t wait til next year. Imma be a new me.” They go on to bash and indirectly, yet boldly announce how they are entering “cutting season” and will cut off, delete/block those who are not for them. The frustrating part? This is their speech at the end of every year. Dude, how many bad people are you hanging around? How…

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